What Is a Nootropic Stack?

Nootropic stackWhat is a nootropic stack? You may have heard of nootropic supplements, but what is a nootropic stack? Most biochemists or physiologists may not refer to a “stack” when they talk about a supplement. A nootropic stack is a relatively new term which has been introduced. In facts, it means the right “spread” of compounds or ingredients.

Multi-compound Supplements

Multi-compound supplements are becoming more popular by the day. A few years ago it was very popular to take a single supplement of fish oil and add another supplement such as vitamin B to your daily supplement routine. That is all changing and we often take a supplement containing a range of compounds. A good example would be collagen for knee pain which is often combined with magnesium and hyaluronic acid. Today, we know that all three ingredients (compounds) can more effectively treat knee and other joint problems. However, if we were to buy them all separately, it would cost a fortune and we may not get the ratios right. It is there better to buy a supplement which has the right spread or “stack” when we first look at investing in a supplement. The same thing applies to nootropic stacks. It is better to buy a supplement which contains the right stack or compounds in the first place.

Our Brain

Our brain needs more than one compound to function. Yes, it relies heavily on oxygen but without the right spread of vitamin B it would not be able to function. Most nootropic supplements contain the right ratio of vitamin B to be effective. However, if you were to take a closer look at nootropic supplements, you would also find that it may contain herbal ingredients.

The number one herbal ingredient for better brain health is Gingko biloba. It has been used safely for thousands of years as a nootropic supplement in Traditional Chinese Medicine. New compounds are being discovered all of the time, and it widely recognized that alkaloids such Huperzine A are vital for better brain function. But, Huperzine A is not to be messed with, it can have side effects such as sleep disturbances and you may even experience a “high”. It is better to buy a nootropic stack supplement when you want to improve your brain health.

Should I Make Up My Own Nootropic Stack?

You could do, but what is the point? First of all it would not be cost effective. Quality nootropic compounds are not cheap, and how do you know that you will get the ratio right. You may end up with 2000 mg of Gingko biloba when you only need 500 mg. What is the point in spending a fortune on Huperzine A when a better result can be achieved with an already established supplement.

It is about time we took a step back, and stopped playing around with supplements. A good quality well “stacked” supplement is always more effective than a supplement routine that you have tried to put together yourself. It may not apply to supplements that deal with hormonal balance, but it certainly applies to all others.

Are Nootropic Supplements Dangerous?

Properly formulated nootropic stacks and supplements are not dangerous, but playing around with creating your own nootropic stack can be. Before you invest a small fortune in a range of supplements, and start to experiment with your own brain chemistry, check out quality multi spread nootropic stacks.

The question should not be what is a nootropic stack. Let’s instead ask ourselves what is a quality nootropic supplement.