Signs of Alcoholism

alchol 1If you are reading this, you are probably concerned about someone that you love, or you may even be concerned about yourself. Alcoholism is something serious and looking for the signs of alcoholism on the Internet means you already suspect that it is the problem being faced by you or a loved one. Remember that some signs can be signs of something else and you should never diagnose someone by reading about it online. However, knowing a few of the signs can encourage you to see a doctor or talk to someone about getting help for yourself or your loved one.

One of the most obvious signs of alcoholism is binge drinking. Some believe that binge drinking means having more than a few drinks more than two times a week. Others have a different definition. You may want to find the definition offered by a doctor or even AA to decide if this is a problem. If drinking to inebriation happens once or more a week in an ongoing, long-term pattern, you can consider this one of the signs of alcoholism. Those that binge often say that they cannot stop after a few or that they have earned their drinks. Watch out for statements like those along with the binges.

Family problems are also some of the biggest signs of alcoholism. Those that drink will often say that their sober spouse is being unreasonable about their drinking. This means the person may go out a few times a week and come home drunk, causing all types of problems. The drinker thinks the spouse is being mean and controlling, and the sober spouse notices changes and behaviors (some times violent in nature) that is affecting the household. The drinker may also be spending money the family does not have to buy drinks they do not need. Most complaints by drinking spouses are legitimate.

One of the signs of alcoholism that you may not realize is a sign is the drinker that has a few at home before they go out. Some say they do this to save money so that they do not have to buy as much out at the bar, but that is not always what they are doing and is a sign they already know they are going to drink a lot. Some are ashamed of how much they have to drink to get drunk or that they cannot stop. Drinking at home beforehand allows them to drink less in the presences of friends, thus hiding the fact that they are heavy drinkers.

No matter how many signs of alcoholism you can come up with, your loved one is not going to get help or do anything about it until they can admit they have a problem. They drink for a reason. This drinking has been positive thus far so they see no reason to stop. The best way to get someone to realize that you mean business is to show them that the drinking is no longer positive. Sadly, for some, these realization comes after a DUI, a stint in jail, or even a death due to drunk driving. If you and your children are suffering because of a drunk, you may have to cut someone out of your life if they won’t stop.